Psychic reading can be perceived as the ability of the mind to influence the world. It is sometimes referred to as the sixth sense as it goes beyond the five common senses of touch, smell, see, hear and feel. Psychic reading has three distinct stages of development as complexity increases.

Stage 1:  This is a very simple stage and psychics work on building up on the fundamental psychic ability which we are all born with. Each one of us is born with some intuition and the difference between the psychic in this stage and a normal human being is the level of trust. People are born with an intuition and they can feel when something is about to happen but most people do not trust this feeling. Psychics in this stage have very little more to what we know but they entail many of new age and abstruse vocabulary in their language and this way they win our trust. Most of their knowledge is obtained through reading books on the subject.

Stage 2: The psychics in this stage are more advanced compared to those in stage one. These have the ability to ‘read the field’ meaning they can see what is in a person’s mind. Psychic in this stage may look good and the psychics feel very superior but they only tell people what they know and therefore do not solve any problem. It is unfortunate that most psychics are in this stage and they offer their services at a fee but the clients do not benefit much.

Stage 3:  Psychics at stage go beyond telling people what they already know.They have the ability to tap into ‘higher energy’.They do not necessariry have to use numerology or talot cards.A stage three pychic with quite enough life experiences and good communication skills can become an authentic psychic.