What Are The Common Kinds Of Psychic Readings?

We all know that a psychic is an individual who predicts what may happen in our lives. However, have you ever known what the kinds of psychic readings that exist are?

If No, here are some of the common kinds of readings.

  • Palmistry: This is one of the most common types of psychic readings. The core of this method is that the palmist seeks to read into your life through your palm.
  • Crystal Ball Reading: This type of reading requires the use of a crystal ball. Therefore, the crystal ball reader gets to view your life through images or visions that are portrayed in the ball.
  • Ø  Astrology: This comes in as a result of your zodiac symbols. The astrologer uses astronomy so as to know more about your life. This is one of the most commonly used reading techniques.
  • Channelling: In this technique, the psychic uses psychic communication. The psychic gets to channel different forms of energy from you to them. After that, they can interpret more about your life based on the channelled energy that they have received from you.
  • Medium ship: This type of reading requires the presence of a medium. The medium seeks to communicate to individuals who have passed on. Through this, the spiritual beings get to communicate messages to the medium who in turn communicates the information to their loved ones who are alive. In most occasions, this technique is used by people who want to communicate with those who have passed on.
  • Telepathy: A telepathic psychic seeks to communicate through thought patterns. This is done mostly when they want to predetermine what may happen in the present or the future life of an individual’s.
  • Cartomancy: This type of psychic reading requires the use of cards.