Psychic reading is the ability of extracting information from human beings through the use of their basic senses such as sight, taste, touch and sound. It is also known as pseudoscience because it allows a psychic to get personal information of an individual through the basic senses of a given person such as vision, hearing, feeling and factual knowing. Below are examples of psychic readings:


This is a type of psychic reading which involves the observation of natural objects such as the planets, moon, sun and even stars. However, it does not need psychic ability.

Rune reading

This refers to the use of ancient alphabets to foresee the future. They are mostly used by witches and wizards to cast spells because they are believed to contain magic.


This is a type of psychic reading whereby the favourite objects or possessions of a given person are believed to contain his personal details.


This is the use of numerical values such as birth dates to determine their occult meanings.

Palm reading

This is a type of psychic reading, whereby a reader uses the curves on one’s palm to foretell his or her future.


This is the use of pebbles to foretell the future. The small pebbles are dispersed randomly and then their proximity is what is used in the psychic reading.

Playing cards (Tarot cards)

This is a kind of tarot reading whereby cards are used in divination.


This is a type of psychic reading whereby small objects are thrown randomly and their proximity is used to determine the divination or fortune telling.

Distant reading

This is a type of psychic reading whereby a reader is able to discern information from an individual through the use of social media such as letters, emails, calls or even video conferencing.