For many years, psychics have been known to possess powers that are beyond human imagination. Some of these powers have been passed from one generation to the next. These extraordinary abilities include:

Mediumship: This involves communication with spirits. Only the psychic has the power to tell what the spirits require and thus able to translate to the normal human beings. The incantations are made in a manner that only those with special powers can translate. This has earned those gifted with these powers a special place in the community.

Apportation: This is the transfer of an object through some distance without necessarily holding it. This can only be done by a few gifted people. When these powers are shown to the public, most of the witnesses watch with mouths open as they marvel at these special abilities.

Bilocation: This involves being in many places at the same time. While most people would not know the exact position of the psychic, only he can tell that. This enables one to remain secure as it is not possible to locate him or her hence serves as a means of protection. Another psychic ability is precognition which involves perception of events before they happen. This is important especially in current times when attacks are evident in almost every public place. It can be used to warn people against doing something which might cause harm or natural catastrophes which are beyond human control.

Retrocognition is the perception of past events and how they happened. This can be used in carrying out investigations to ascertain the truth behind events that took placeĀ in the past. In cases where crime is committed, the culprits can always be detected and interrogated. Another ability is telepathy which involves transfer of thoughts or emotions This can be used to revive the memory of mentally handicapped persons and therefore serves a major purpose in treatment of patients.

Lastly, these abilities have always served to enlighten people on the need to protect those with these powers and ensure that their abilities are used to benefit the society.